2023 Pre-ICIS SIGDSA Symposium

Hyderabad, India

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Research Track

The 2023 Pre-ICIS SIGDSA Symposium on Analytics for Addressing Global and Grand Challenges is seeking forward-thinking research in the areas of data analytics, business intelligence, AI, and ML. The Symposium's special focus will be on harnessing analytics and data science techniques to develop and deploy innovative applications, products and services that address individual, organizational, societal, and global problems and opportunities. Top submissions will be fast-tracked to one of several journals partnering with SIGDSA.

The research track aims to promote computational, theoretical (mathematical or social sciences driven) as well as empirical studies in data analytics, big intelligence, AI , ML, and their applications in different domains. We seek comprehensive Completed Research or early-stage Research-in-Progress papers on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Data analytics in various business sectors (e.g., financial services, manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical, - healthcare, government, agribusiness, hospitality and entertainment, supply chain, etc.)
  • Big data and organizational transformation
  • Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and active learning methodologies - and applications for decision support
  • Social media and marketing analytics
  • Network and collaborative analytics for decision support
  • Analytics connecting data and processes (e.g., process mining)
  • Data analytics for sustainability (e.g., data analytics and operational sustainability practices for sustainable - business management, big data and social media analytics for business-to-business sustainability, big data and - predictive analytics capability for supply chain sustainability, orchestrating data analytics capability for - sustainability, etc.)
  • Analytics using IoT devices such as wearables, RFID, etc.
  • Data mining with blockchains and cryptocurrencies
  • Data analytics and business intelligence theory and applications
  • Innovative data-driven decision support tools and techniques
  • Data analytics in behavioral research
  • Predictive, descriptive, and prescriptive approaches to analytics
  • Natural language processing and generation
  • LLMs, generative AI, chatbots, virtual agents
  • Data analytics technologies and applications
  • Risks and benefits of interconnected decision-making (e.g., privacy and ethical considerations in the use of data and analytics, dark side of analytics, etc.)
  • Algorithmic bias and approaches to mitigate such bias
  • Model explainability, interpretability, and reproducibility
  • Model sharing and deployment issues and the role of MLOps
  • Data and analytics for diverse societal applications (e.g., smart cities, smart and connected communities, smart - health, smart energy management)
  • Data and analytics in shaping public policy
  • Methodological issues of developing systems based on connected big data

Authors of accepted papers will have the option of publishing: (a) the complete manuscript OR (b) an extended abstract (single-spaced 2-3 pages) as part of the symposium proceedings on AIS eLibrary. If authors choose to publish only the extended abstract, authors will retain the copyright of the original manuscript submitted for review and feedback. Please see the details below.

Submission Categories: Research Track

Completed research

Completed research papers are full-length papers documenting the results of finished research projects. For empirical work, completed research papers should have completed analyses and documentation of results. Completed research papers must be at most (16) single-spaced pages (all-inclusive) and must conform to the paper submission template. The page limit covers everything in the submission, including the title, text, tables, figures, appendices, and references. Submissions that exceed this limit will be automatically rejected.


Research-in-progress papers typically describe work that is yet to be completed but is promising. Short papers could take various forms. For example, they can be theoretical (presenting promising frameworks), empirical (with some preliminary results), or present a design of novel and useful concepts, artefacts (testing need not be done). Short papers should include a paragraph describing what work remains to complete the paper and the authors’ plan for the next steps. Please note that the progress described is expected to be substantive in nature. Short papers must be at most eight (8) single-spaced pages and must conform to the paper submission template. The page limit covers everything in the submission, including title, text, tables, figures, appendices, and references. Submissions that exceed this limit will be automatically rejected. If accepted, research-in-progress papers will be presented as part of a slam presentation session.

Important Dates, Submission Guidelines, Publication Opportunities, and Awards

Please see the following for the details:

  • Important relevant dates - Click Here.
  • Submission guidelines, template, and submission instructions - Click Here.
  • Publication opportunities and awards - Click Here.

Research Track Co-Chairs

For questions regarding the submissions to the research track, please contact:

We recommend including the 'Pre-ICIS SIGDSA 2023 Research Track Question' as the email subject line.

Note: The sumbission deadline for the Research Track has been extended to September 22nd, 2023 (11:59 pm, EDT).